Terms of Service

Blink-Cart: Provides the "SPA Service" and "SPA demo" service.
SPA owner: a person who uses "Services".
SPA service: Store located on the Service provider's server, made in the Single Page Application technology
Test domain: subdomain in the form of "TESTER'S NAME.blink-cart.com", made available as part of the "SPA service"
SPA demo: "SPA service" provided on "Test domain" for "SPA owner" for test purpose.
Services: "SPA service" and/or "SPA demo".

1. Under this agreement, "Blink-Cart" will provide "Services" to "SPA owner".

2. The "SPA demo" service is fully free. "SPA owner" is not obligated to purchase "SPA service".

3. The monthly price of the "SPA service" is agreed individually with the "SPA owner".

4. Each created "SPA demo" will be automatically deleted. Not expressing an e-mail consent by the "SPA owner" for further use of the service is tantamount to the termination of Terms of Sevice and the deletion of all data of the "SPA owner" store from the Blink-cart servers.

5. SPA owner understand and agree that, Blink-Cart will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or any kind damages. Blink-Cart cannot be responsible for loss of profit, reputation, use, data, or other losses arising from using "Spa service" and/or "SPA demo".

6. The use of the Services is at your own risk. The Services are provided without warranties or conditions of any kind.

7. In the event of a malfunctioning "SPA service" or non-functioning services, the total liability of "Blink-Cart" against "SPA Owner" is limited to the amount of one month's subscription for the "SPA service".

8. "SPA owner" agree to automatically download photos, product descriptions and descriptive pages from his store in order to prepare "SPA demo" for him.

9. "SPA owner" is completely and exclusively responsible for the content published under "Test domain", which will be created for him in order to test the service. In particular, for photos and descriptions of products / text pages that will be automatically downloaded from his store.