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Customer reviews

Petteri Pucilowski


"Our strategy is highly dependant on driving organic traffic to our site. For this reason, Google is very important to us. For some time Google has been emphasizing that the speed and their usability metrics will have an ever-increasing impact on page rankings on Google search.

We have been struggling with the speed of our Prestashop site. Either we would have to use just the barebones modules/theme or have poor performance.

Then I came across Blink-cart and their offer of turning a Prestashop or a Magento site into a super fast React site (SPA, Single page application) was very appealing. The way it works is that the back end will use Prestashop but the front end will use a custom, React-powered theme (using GatsbyJS framework). The data will be pulled from Prestashop using a series of APIs and Prestashop webservice.

After talking with their team, we started work on our project. Our shop needed some extra work since we use a few custom plugins that we absolutely needed to include, e.g. a custom reviews module and a Perfect size widget. But they were happy to work with us to design a perfect solution for us...

Source: https://pucilowski.eu/development/from-prestashop-to-react-performance-analysis/