What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

PWAs combine the best features of websites and native apps, offering a seamless user experience. Built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, they run in browsers but feel like apps, eliminating the need for downloads. Key attributes include reliability, speed, and user engagement, leveraging modern web technologies to deliver an app-like experience.

Key Characteristics of PWAs

To qualify as a Progressive Web App, an application must meet several specific criteria. Google has established a set of requirements that define a true PWA:

  • Fast Loading with Poor Internet Connection: PWAs must be capable of loading efficiently even under weak network conditions, ensuring usability in various environments.
  • Smooth Performance: The application should run quickly and smoothly, providing a seamless user experience without lag.
  • App-like Behavior: PWAs should mimic the experience of native mobile apps, including responsive interactions and app-like navigation.

Google also offers a more detailed checklist that includes the following points:

  1. Implementation of HTTPS.
  2. Responsiveness on tablets and phones.
  3. Offline responsiveness.
  4. Manifest file implementation.
  5. Fast loading times (under 10 seconds on a 3G connection).
  6. Cross-browser compatibility (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari).
  7. Immediate page transitions.
  8. Unique URLs for each subpage.
  9. Indexability by search engines.
  10. Implementation of standard and social media metadata.
  11. Content deduplication (single URL per piece of content).
  12. Utilization of LocalStorage and SessionStorage APIs.
  13. Efficient image loading.
  14. Preserved scroll position when navigating back to a page.
  15. Input field accessibility (on-screen keyboard should not obscure them).
  16. Consistent display across all devices (phones, tablets, and computers).

For a comprehensive list of guidelines, you can refer to Google’s PWA checklist.

PWA advantages

  • Boost your conversion rate

    On Google blogs, you can access specific statistics demonstrating the improvement in conversion rates and user engagement following PWA implementation. We also encourage you to explore our client case studies for detailed insights into the effectiveness of our solutions.

  • Speed and SEO

    Citing official statements from Google, including "Speed is now a landing page factor for Google Search and Ads," it is evident that over the past few years, Google has increasingly emphasized the importance of website speed and usability. This trend clearly delineates the path that store owners must pursue to optimize for superior organic search rankings and to minimize advertising costs.

  • App-like experience

    Using a PWA website simulates the experience of a native desktop or mobile application.

  • Add to home screen

    Add to the mobile home screen is a function available in modern browsers that allows the user to "install" a web application - add a shortcut representing their favorite web application (or website) to the home screen, so they can access it later with a single touch.

  • Full-screen mode

    After "Installing" Progressive Web App on the phone, the entire display area is used by the PWA. Browser UI elements such as the address bar, navigation and status bar are hidden.

  • Headless

    PWA acts as an "overlay" on the backend of the store. PWA is not generated by the backend, it is linked to the backend via the API. This means that we are dealing with headless architecture here. Some advantages of this architecture are:
    - The possibility for different project teams to work on the backend and frontend
    - The loose coupling between the backend and frontend makes it easy to replace individual system components. E.g. changing store backend from Magento to Shopify, keeping frontend unchanged.
    - Fast design iterations
    - Easily integrate with other companies that are less disruptive to growth
    - Resilience to changes on the user interface side
    - Simpler implementation

Blink-cart PWA advantages

  • Great spikes in website traffic e.g. during advertising campaigns are no longer a problem

    Your server will take a breather and benefit from the new setup. Thanks to the implementation of PWA, you will significantly reduce the load on your server. The more traffic your store generates, the greater the profits resulting from the PWA implementation will be.

  • Single Page Application

    Our PWA operates on a Single Page Application architecture, which we believe is essential for a true PWA, although not all companies may recognize this. You can find "PWA modules" that actually add a manifest to the page and little more.

  • The fastest and least problematic installation

    Integration with your store, in the fastest variant, could be completed in one day. It is an extremely short time, since the implementation of PWA has so far involved months of work.

  • Lower development and maintenance costs

    Until now, implementing PWA has been a very costly affair. Thanks to our specialization in Progressive Web Applications, we have developed methods that automatize processes and drastically reduce the cost of implementation.

  • Mobile first

    Since more people now use phones than computers to browse the internet shops, when designing an application, we first design the perfect mobile version, which then serves to design the desktop version.

  • Multi Websites support

    We can easily generate independent PWAs for each of your "store view". Each view can have a completely independent appearance and functionality.

  • Platform-agnostic

    Our PWA is not integrated with just one type of software. This means that for example, if you are using Magento now, and in the future you change the software to PrestaShop or Shopify, your PWA from the client's side will not change, and the changes needed on our part to switch PWA backend will not require much work.

  • The least intrusive integration

    Our architecture assumes the least possible interference with the software of your store, in such a way that the installation and uninstallation of our PWA is possible in the shortest possible time.

  • Increasing security

    In our estimation, we should receive no more access from the stores that we work with than any ordinary visitor of the store. We will not have access to orders or customer data on our side. At the same time, integration with our service will make it possible to "hide" your store instance behind our PWA. Therefore, you will increase the resistance to attacks on the frontend of the store, because it does not have to be publicly available.

  • Demo available in 5 minutes

    A launch of a demo with your store offer is possible in 5 minutes, and you can run it yourself using the above form. On one of the ready-made templates, you can check how fast your store is running without spending money.

  • Personalization options

    As we are the author of our PWA, and we do not use ready-made solutions, we are able to meet your special requests regarding the appearance of PWA and functionality.

  • The fastest PWA on the market

    Our PWA is the fastest possible on the market. Check how it works on your phone and desktop computer.

  • Ready theme or custom implementation

    We can run PWA based on one of our ready-made graphics, or we can implement any graphics. We can use your current store graphic or encode PWA based on the design provided by your graphic designer.

  • Any location of the PWA possible

    We are flexible and the server your PWA will run on can be located in any country chosen by you on any continent. There is also no problem with installing CDN on request.